Elect Wesley R. Elsberry to Eaton Rapids School Board

Wesley R. Elsberry brings a wealth of experience in trades, scientific research, non-profit advocacy, and real estate econometric analysis that informs his views on the critical importance of public education to our students, our community, and our nation. A future-ready education is needed to unlock the potential of each student, set to meet the challenges we face.

Interdisciplinary careers do not tend to have straight-line paths. Wesley understands the need to have more than a single competency in order to be secure in seeking jobs, as both the initial entry-level job on a survey crew as well as the photographic jobs as trades helped cash flow while working toward more fulfilling jobs in the sciences, which were harder to attain as a recent graduate.

Wesley arrived in the Eaton Rapids area in 2016, purchasing a home in Eaton Rapids Township that year. He works remotely as a data scientist for an employer in Texas. This year, Wesley celebrated his 36th anniversary of marriage to his wife, Dr. Diane J. Blackwood, who holds a staff position at Michigan State University developing educational software. Wesley and Diane are accompanied by two dogs, Kenna and Mystral (Vizsla short-haired pointers), and Wesley’s falconry bird, Niko (1 year-old male Harris’ hawk). They enjoy outdoor activities besides hunting with the hawk, and like short kayaking outings on the Grand River.